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For the last ten years, the Information technology sector in Pakistan has shown rapid growth and has developed the top IT companies in Pakistan. The progressive issue has boost up the requests of IT programming houses to create proficient programming items for the client to full fill their requirements and requests. Further, the top IT companies in Pakistan give systems that make it simple for the customers to maintain their business cycles and associations in a lot quicker, successful and smoother way.

In spite of an individual or a money manager, the most ideal decision one can make is to pick the best Software Development Company which satisfies the necessities and requests as indicated by the decision and give the arrangements that customers need for their business. Moreover, with the headway in IT and expanding programming Companies, it is much hard for clients to recognize and pick the right Software Development Company that gives them the best answers for their concerns.

Top IT Companies In Pakistan


The following is the list of top IT companies in Pakistan.


Bentley system is on the list of top IT companies in Islamabad Pakistan. IT software specialists and experts, constructors, and sole-proprietors across the globe are utilizing Bentley’s product answers to speed up project conveyance and further develop resource execution for the framework that supports the economic situations and current circumstances. Altogether, Bentley systems are propelling foundation.

Additionally, this firm speeds up the advanced system with an emphasis on further developed processes and result-based goals. The academies of digital developments collaborate with industry to work with energy for suspected initiative and information trade. Also, the firm helps to adjust all partners associated with the creation and activity of computerized and actual framework resources.


AcePLP, Adax technology, Advance Educare Private Limited, AEC Solutions, AEC Software, Brim, Business collaborator, 4D Select N.V


Ovex Technologies was started in 2009 and is one of the top IT companies in Pakistan.  The headquarter of Ovex Technologies is in Islamabad. Besides, the company provides splendid services for the development of Pakistan’s IT department.

It provides globally organized capacities with every day of the week help for all clients and functional categories. The company blends technology and human interconnection to develop a great fusion to supervise the outsourcing needs and desires. Ovex Technologies provide the services of customized accounting solutions, HR outsourcing, and also contact centers.


Zong, SUI northern, Haier, Mobilink, NADRA, Nokia, Lakson group


TRG was started in 2002 in Pakistan and nowadays is considered the biggest outsourcing company in Lahore and Karachi. This IT Company gives the best way out to its client’s IT concerns related to the mechanization of things, structure union, plan progression, and testing. Furthermore, TRG has achieved success to expand its business not only in the United Kingdom and America but also in Brazil.


Central voice, Alert Communications, Bryant, Stratasoft, Administrative Enterprises Inc, iSky, Callwarx.


The headquarter of Aurora Solutions is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. It is considered to be on the list of top IT companies in Islamabad Pakistan. It is a well-known Information Technology Software organization in Pakistan that provides services across the globe. However, Aurora solutions also provide computational finance assistance to its clients. Besides, this firm provides faster, cost-efficient and simpler, and high-quality software solutions to the customers. Aurora solutions services include mobile application development, web development, a startup consultancy. Also, the firm facilitates paying bills online with the help jBilling application.


Capture, Score, and Financial Software.


Indeed, Cubix is a team of profoundly skilled researchers, mathematicians, engineers spurred by a profound appreciation for building exquisite and useful applications that handles complex issues. Similar to many other IT software firms, Cubix facilitates the company and provides great UI/UX web designs, product design and development, and product testing.

In addition, Cubix is an innovative organization that recreates thoughts into reality. In 2008 Cubix also started to create versatile applications and has developed into a full-cycle, portable first programming development organization. No doubt Cubix has become the most impressive group fulfillment in the business, free investigator acknowledgment, and a steadily developing rundown of pleased customers as well, who work with Cubix over and over.


Sapient, Nintendo, Canon, Sony, Dos Equis, Heineken, Suzuki, Charter, Rockyou,, iContact, Michaels.


Undoubtedly, Netsol is one of the most highly famous IT software companies located in Lahore, Pakistan. In 2016, Netsol technologies were named as the topmost IT exporter in Pakistan. It is also considered a top rank company in the list of top IT companies in Pakistan by so many experts in the field. Moreover, the company provides the services of data management, data analysis, information, and data security systems Software quality assurance, and project management as well.


Credit acceptance corp., Consumer portfolio services Inc., Ford Motor credit company, Mint Leasing Inc., Leaf Group Limited, General motors financial company.


Venture Dive is an IT software agency which is located in Karachi, Pakistan. The firm provides technological services all around the world. Along with this, the major achievement of this organization is that it worked on the COVID19 telehealth portal. Furthermore, Venture Dive assist in custom software development, mobile development, web design, and development, quality assurance, and also in technology audit and advisory.


atEvent, Tez financial service, Distribution now, Droobi,, Vital Pakistan, Digital Pakistan, Roland Berger.


Keeptruckin is a software agency that is located in Islamabad and considered as one of the best companies in the list of top IT companies in Pakistan. The firm provides a platform for fleet management to the truck sector. Moreover, KeepTruckin provides the service of vehicle tracking, vehicle utilization, driver coaching, and vehicle inspection as well. Along with this, the organization provides facilities for marketplace applications, also and driver workflow applications.


Cascade, drilling, Nova lines, American logistic services, Tri-pol enterprises, Alba freight lines inc., Equipment Corporation of America, Usher Transport.


Codefier is the best and top leading web development and web design agency in this list of top IT companies in Pakistan. Contrary to any other software development company, the focus of Coodefier is to provide high-quality products and services. Further, the management of Codefier exceptionally vigilant to recruit workers. Subsequently, their goal is to designate effective specialists, who can play out their obligations well.


Codefier creates brands that are visual lifestyles to attract and retain customers with the help of websites and graphics designing. As per Codefier, the brand is the exceptional vision representation of the business. Unlike any other software development company, the firm gives extraordinary and remarkable ideas and plans of significant value addition in the web and visual development and designing of brands. Hence, help customers to make their image profoundly effective.

Also, Codefier is lucky to secure its image devotion through its clients. Their point of focus is to fulfill their vital customers. Furthermore, this firm has acquired an incredible victory and gives astonishing visuals and well draft UI/UX designs to clients through the significant perception of the plan. It ought to be noticed that Codefier has assisted with further developing connections among numerous clients and aside from this the organization has additionally worked to further develop deals.

Codefier has made progress to give E-trade applications to customers. Codefier gives the office web-based exchanging to save the time and cost of the client. Moreover, because of the pandemic, online business has astoundingly supported up and for this, the focal point of the clients has moved towards it.

Unquestionably, Codefier gives the best services of online web development to its customers. People who run small or large businesses understand that site progression is crucial thus, Codefier examines the information and data with precision. Besides, web development services give stylish and stunning sites to advance brands.

Codefier construes arranging, building, consolidating, scaling, and staying aware of programming that works through intranet or web. Also, this firm provides the facility of custom web development service to its client’s Custom web development service gives a chance to the clients to color and design in a particular manner.


Regardless of the way that it may show up difficult to recognize, site development is sometimes seen as a technique to make, design, and stay aware of webs. The significant benefit for what reason should customers pick Codefier is that it incorporates front-end and back-end that comprise all the business reasoning and connects with a database.

Alongside this, the simplicity of the design allows the clients to direct difficult systems and assurance correspondence between IT managers who work on a comparable venture is significantly more useful. Furthermore, Codefier assists with creating sites that are not hard to learn. Codefier guarantees that associations can show their worth in an imaginative manner while remaining mindful of the most recent examples, which attracts their target business areas appropriately.

It is known as a first-in-class, capable headway IT agency that gives better and intriguing locales to those clients that do not have abilities in technology. Likewise, it helps customers to keep consistent over inquiry things, for instance, on Google. Additionally, Codefier keeps good put-on search results which are fundamental since people for the most part will take a gander at the underlying few connections. Codefier guarantees all the online traffic is coordinated to the client’s websites and keeps a more imperative reach to customers well.